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HH Electronic IC-100

Posted on 07/12/2013 by ozzy in Amps, Effects

It was quite common to see Pink Floyd with the HH Electronic IC-100 amps on stage in the early 70s. While the rest of the band used their IC-100s only as pre-amps, Roger Waters used it also together with a Binson Echorec delay unit to produce a tremolo effect. (See One of These Days track, 2:00 - 2:30).

HH Electronic IC-100 & Echorec

The IC-100 solid state amps were manufactured by the UK company HH Electronic (now owned by Laney). They offered the 100 watts RMS of undistorted output, two channels with a full range of tone controls and a volume control on each channel. Each channel had two inputs, normal and bright. In addition to a Volume, Treble and Bass knobs, the amp had a Presence control on channel 1 and a Brilliance on channel 2. On the first channel there was a Sustain that fattened-up the sound by adding an extra gain/harmonics in parallel to the existing signal. Effects (controlable with a footswitch) included a Reverb and - of course - a Tremolo that Roger used in One of These Days.

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