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Fender Jazz Bass - Natural

Posted on 15/08/2013 by ozzy in Basses

Roger Waters | Forum Musiques, France, 1969 | Fender Jazz Bass Roger Waters used a Fender Jazz Bass during the Pink Floyd performance of Set the controls of the heart of the sun on the French ORTF TV show "Forum Musiques", broadcasted on 15 February 1969. It's almost certain that the instruments they played were borrowed just for the occasion, because this performance was mimed by the band. Judging by the video footage here, the Jazz Bass Roger used, could originate from between 1960 and 1965 (it's hard to tell from the video, whether his bass had two dual-concentric controls, or three). But it's obvious that it had a natural colour body, white pick guard, rosewood fingerboard with dot markers, and quite interestingly, this bass also had an additional pickup placed closer to neck, with the control knob under a tug bar.

(For anyone interested, the electric guitar that David Gilmour played on "Forum Musique" was a cherry red Gibson ES-355.)

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