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Kubicki Ex Factor bass

Posted on 22/01/2013 by ozzy in Basses

Roger Waters | Kubicki Ex Factor bass

On the picture you can see Roger Waters posing with a Kubicki Ex Factor bass. This picture looks like one of the publicity photos made around the time of The Wall live in Berlin concert (1990), unfortunately, I haven't found any other info or any videos of him playing this bass so maybe he was just posing with it. According to Philip Kubicki - designer and manufacturer of the Ex Factor bass - he hasn't had any dealings with Roger Waters or his staff, suggesting that this bass could be a one of those made by Fender under a licence between 1988-91.

Also, Andy Fairweather Low can be seen playing a red one at The Wall in Berlin concert on Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 1 and Run Like Hell. Roger often lets members of his band use guitars and basses out of his own collection, so it's possible that Andy's Kubicki bass belonged to Roger.

Anyway, I would say that this Kubicki Ex Factor bass is a perfect match to David Gilmour's Steinberger guitar of the roughly same period, so here are some details and specs:

The Philip Kubicki Ex Factor Bass is so named because of the extended string that allows the “E” string to be “D” tuned without changing string tension or having to transpose. The patented string clasp, when released, gives access to the D# and D notes. Going from D to E is accomplished with a flick of the thumb. The standard head-mounted tuning keys were replaced by the patented body-mounted tuner. Factor basses are all fitted with proprietary humbucking pickups and circuit board. The 18 Volt circuit board has a stacked volume/pan control, a bass/treble control and a six position rotary switch that allows the player to select from a standby position through two active settings and three passive preset positions. The neck is made of 32 sheets of rotary-cut Eastern hard maple and an ebony fingerboard. The fingerboard has jumbo frets and a 7 1/2" radius.

Source: Philip Kubicki, Wikipedia

Kubicki Ex Factor bass

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