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Herco HE211 (Flex 75) heavy gauge picks

Posted on 14/09/2012 by ozzy in Accessories

Herco HE211 (Flex 75) pics Roger Waters used the silver HE211 (Flex 75) picks by Herco before he started using the 1mm Jim Dunlop Nylon Standard picks. Herco was established by Hershman brothers started their musical instrument company in 1940 and named their accessories division Herco = Hershman + Company. The first line of guitar picks they produced was made of non-celluloid plastic, but picks were a sub-par product and never sold well in the 1940s. Interesting thing is that the unsold stock was remarketed in the 1980s with a name The Axe Handlers, but they met the same fate as the first time they appeared 40 years earlier.

Herco started selling the Japanese line of celluloid picks in the mid 1950s known as the 720 Cabinet Assortment. The 720s sold very well from the mid 50s, through 1960s and beyond. Company also launched the Ghastly Green economy line of nylon picks in 1966. Concurrent with the Ghastly’s were the HE210 thin gold, and the HE211 heavy silver premium picks, called Bold Gold, and Hi-Yo Silver respectively. In 1992 Herco sold their pick line to Dunlop who discontinued production of all the Herco picks except for the 210s and 211s.

You can find more about Herco picks on Pick Collecting Quarterly website.

Source: Pick Collecting Quarterly

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