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Fender Lead III (Chris Rea-ish)

Posted on 27/10/2013 by ozzy in Chris Rea-ish

In 1979, Fender came up with the "student" guitar that was originaly intended to replace Fender's original budget trio, the Mustang, Bronco, and Musicmaster. The Lead series comprised Lead I, Lead II, Lead III and Lead Bass models. On the French TV channel MCM in 1985, Chris Rea played the black Fender Lead III with two humbucking pickups. The Lead III model had two specially designed humbuckers, one at the neck, the other at the bridge. Three-position pickup selector switch (neck, neck and bridge, bridge), three-position coil selector switch (neck single-coil, both coils neck or bridge, bridge single-coil) which determined if a single coil or both coils of each pickup will be selected. Chris' guitar had black body (slightly smaller and with a slightly different shape than the Strat), black pickguard, and maple neck with a Stratocaster-like headstock.

Source: Wikipedia

Chris Rea | Fender Lead III guitar  

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