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The mysterious device of David Gilmour's Wall rig

Posted on 04/01/2015 by ozzy in The Blog

Looking at David Gilmour's rig from The Wall tour 80-81, I noticed an interesting piece of equipment that I was unsuccessfully trying to figure out for some time. The identical device was on display at the Interstellar Exhibition in Paris, France. Firstly, I though it was a tape deck. But I couldn't be too sure, as all images of it were not very clear. Then I accidentaly had come across a Pater Cornish status on Facebook...

Cornish Delay Time Controller

This mysterious device in question was in fact a Cornish Delay Time Controller. David used it - as you may imagine - to set time on his MXR Digital Delay unit with more comfort.

Source: Wikipedia, Peter Cornish (photo)

Peter Cornish Delay Time Controller David Gilmour's Wall rig

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