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David Gilmour's oil can guitar

Posted on 19/05/2014 by ozzy in The Blog

Ever wondered what the most bizzare guitar has David Gilmour got in his collection? Well, this "afri-can" guitar could easily be the winner of this competition. A South African company called Township Guitars is crafting their instruments out of old oil cans. They are inspired by the traditional can instruments that have long been played by the poorest in Africa.

As for the famous names using their products, Dani Ngwenya of Township Guitars explains: "I've got people like Peter Gabriel buying the guitar, with his guitar player David Rhodes." And "Just recently somebody bought one for David Gilmour," he adds. "Chris Rea is one who's using them a lot; Roger Taylor bought two guitars a few years ago; Paul Carrack too."

Each guitar consist of a five-liter oil can body, a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, a single or double coil pick-up as well as volume and tone controls, a truss rod and a fully adjustable bridge.

On the picture below, Gilmour plays two single coil version through his small Fender Super Champ combo. (Introduced in 1982, the Fender Super Champ combo was co-designed by Rivera Amplifiers to help Fender with a modern sound. It featured 18 Watts of RMS, 10" speaker, clean and overdrive channel, and spring reverb.)

Source: CNN, Township Guitars, Polly Samson

David Gilmour on oil can guitar

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