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Another black Fender Precision bass

Posted on 09/02/2014 by ozzy in Basses

(black body - maple neck - black 3-ply pickguard)

This black bass (serial number 347485) was one of the pair of Fender Precision basses band bought after an instrument theft that happened during their US tour in 1970. It had been played by Roger Waters until he left the band (it still has a cigarette burns to the headstock). After he left, that bass stayed with the band, while he took the other one with him.

Guy Pratt used it for two tracks on The Division Bell album, Coming Back To Life and Take It Back. And this bass could be also seen hanging on the wall behind David Gilmour during his interview about Syd Barrett.

In 2014, the bass had returned, when Gilmour played it on The Endles River album: "This was the bass Roger had from 1974 to ’78. It was his main bass. It was played on Wish You Were Here and Animals, mostly. I replaced the pickguard to be black just before the Animals tour, 1976," guitar tech Phill Taylor explains. "Roger had three black basses - one with a rosewood neck, two with maple. But this was his main one. I just asked him if he fancied changing the pickguard to black, just like David’s Strat. Late ’76, I think. It’s a good bass. David plays it on The Endless River."

Source: Music Radar, Music Radar, Klaus Hilscher (photo)

Roger Waters Fender Precision bass  

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