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Levin Classic 3

Posted on 11/03/2013 by ozzy in Guitars

David Gilmour says in his interview for Guitar Heroes magazine in 1983 that Pink Floyd used Levin acoustic guitars during 1968-70: "At the beginning we used Levins, which were quite good guitars, a bit like Martins, made in Sweden or somewhere, then we moved onto Martin D-35s and things like that and now we tend to use Ovations mostly for recording and things."

The Levin Classic 3 acoustic guitars were indeed manufactured in Sweden. They have Alp spruce top, back and sides of Brazilian rosewood, neck of mahagony with non-adjustable U-shaped steel truss rod, ebony fingerboard and black Van Gent strip tuners.

The below picture shows Pink Floyd at KQED TV in April 1970, performing Roger's song Grantchester Meadows. While Gilmour is playing his Gibson J-45 acoustic steel-string, Waters is using a nylon-string guitar that may as well be a Levin Classic 3.

Levin guitar | Roger Waters & David Gilmour

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