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Vox UL 4120 & UL 7120 amps

Posted on 15/12/2012 by ozzy in Amps

Pink Floyd used borrowed or in-house equipment on several occasions during 1968-69. For instance, a TV footage from the 1st European International Pop Festival in Rome (1968) shows the band using a Vox amps and speakers on stage. Roger Waters and David Gilmour are both seen playing through a Vox UL 400 and Vox UL 700 series amp based rigs.

In 1966, Vox decided to refresh their amp line by introducing a new series of guitar and bass amplifiers, known as the UL Series, with "400 series" models for bass and "700 series" models for guitar. These new amps were intended to replace the popular "AC series" lineup. They were based on a modular, hybrid design featuring solid state preamp with a tube power section. The 15, 30, 60 and 120 watt versions of these amps were produced, although in very small quantities.

On the pop festival in Rome, Pink Floyd used either the 60, or most likely 120 watt versions of these amps (i.e. the Vox UL 4120s and UL 7120s) during their performance. The ULs were also used on The Beatles' Revolver and Sgt. Pepper albums.

See Vox Showroom for more info.

Source: Vox Showroom

Roger Waters | Vox UL 4120 and UL 7120 amps

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