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EMS Studio-System Vocoder 5000

Posted on 24/01/2012 by ozzy in Effects

A vocoder is a type of sound effect that can turn the human voice into a robot sounding like voice. Roger Waters used a vocoder in Animals for his lead vocals in Pigs and for the Psalm 23 (The Lord is my shepherd...) parody in Sheep, as well as for the barking sounds and other effects in Dogs. Rick’s keyboards were also fed through the vocoder, notably during the middle section of Dogs.

It is reported that Pink Floyd used a Korg VC-10 but this sounds unlikely as the VC-10 model was introduced in 1978 and Floyd recorded Animals in their new studio Britannia Row between April and December 1976. However, it may be possible - through Floyd’s established association with the UK-based EMS (see VCS3) and because of the production date (1976) of EMS’ vocoder device - that Floyd might as well have used the EMS Studio-System Vocoder 5000.

Source: Spare Bricks

EMS Vocoder 5000

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