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Godin Multiac Spectrum SA

Posted on 05/12/2011 by ozzy in Guitars

Aside from his Eric Clapton signature model Bellezza Nera, Roger Waters used the Godin Multiac Spectrum SA steel string guitar during The Wall Live tour (2010 - 2012). As Roger said "I love this guitar. I use it live on Hey You." Unfortunately, this song is entirely played behind the wall so we cannot see him actualy playing it. Hey You is notable for using a high strung "Nashville" tuning so perhaps this is how Roger's Godin is tuned.

He also uses the nylon string Godin Multiac ACS-SA on Good Bye Blue Sky. The natural high-gloss version of this guitar can be seen in the hands of G. E. Smith and David Kilminster when performing Is There Anybody Out There.

Godin Multiac Spectrum SA features a mahogany body design, ebony fingerboard, Seymour Duncan Lipstick pickup in the neck, custom Godin electronics along with separate tone and volume controls for the Lipstick pickup, as well as 13-pin capabilities for computer & synth access. Roger's guitar has a Black High-Gloss color.

Godin Multiac ACS-SA features a chambered maple body, cedar top, mahogany neck, and ebony fingerboard. The engine includes individual transducer saddles powered by a customized preamp system from the RMC Pickup Company. This system produces a hexaphonic output through a 13-pin connector enabling direct access to Roland GR-Series guitar synthesizers.

Source: Godin Guitars

Roger Waters | Godin Multiac Spectrum SA

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