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Phase Linear 700

Posted on 14/09/2011 by ozzy in Amps

1978 - 19xx

In the early 70s Roger Waters used Hiwatt amps with a WEM cabinets that he later replaced with a Martin bass bins. He had two of these rigs - one on each side of the drum kit to enable Gilmour to hear his bass. This equipment last until late 70s when guitar tech Phil Taylor built him a new Phase Linear 700 amplified bass rig, later supplemented for The Wall live shows with Martin Philishave mid-range cabinets. And because Roger Waters and his "surrogate" Andy Bown both played bass, there had to be two bass rigs on each stage - two Altec rigs for the front stage and two Phase Linear-amplified Martin rigs at the rear.

Phase Linear 700

Introduced in 1970, the Phase Linear 700 amplifier got its name from its combined output of 350 watts per channel. Redesigned the 700 B was introduced in 1974, the 700 Series Two was introduced in 1978. Performance included 360 watts per channel and other improvements.

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