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MXR Phase 90

Posted on 14/09/2011 by ozzy in Effects

Roger Waters | MXR Phase 90 The original MXR Phase 90 was released in 1974, and it was the first pedal sold by MXR. Roger Waters used it during the 1974-75 and 1977 tours, mainly for Raving and Drooling (an early version of Sheep).

MXR Phase 90 is a stompbox that do the signal modulation - the phase shifting. In general, a phase shifter is a device that alters the sound of a signal by making a delayed copy of the sound and recombining that copy with the original signal. Because the two signals are shifted slightly in time, this leads to a characteristic change in the timbre of the resulting signal.

When Jim Dunlop bought the MXR brand in 1987, production resumed. The Dunlop production models have modern additions including an LED to indicate when the effect is engaged and the option of using a power supply instead of a battery. There are a few variants available, including an Eddie Van Halen signature model. The 1974 Hand Wired Phase 90 is a recreation of an original 1974 pedal using NOS (New Old Stock) electronic components.

Source: Wikipedia

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